Monday, September 03, 2012

Todd's waltz — two measure phrase

Well, we should all have developed a pretty crushing medium-tempo waltz by the time we're done here. Elaborating on my earlier “Todd's waltz” piece— so-called (by me alone) because I don't very often hear this particular hihat pattern that I tend to play a lot. What we have here is actually the form in which it usually comes up in my playing— a two-measure phrase without the ending hihat note from the last entry. In the spirit of the recent Elvin series, I've added a bass drum part as well:

Like I say every time, do the tom moves. They're a real value-amplifier. I also suggest trying this one without the bass drum on beat 1.

Get the pdf.

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Wes Nisker said...

How about a specialist guidebook to jazz waltz - I'd buy that for sure? Brilliant stuff, as usual!