Saturday, April 07, 2012

More Reggae lead-ins

Here's a nice companion for my transcription of Sly Dunbar intros from his recordings with Serge Gainsbourg. These are some drum lead-ins from a weird little record by a 70's London group called Creation Rebel, album titled Pschotic Junkanoo, with drumming by "Eskimo" Fox (a.k.a. "Charley Mus'come", according to Read more about him at the On-U Sound site.):

You can apparently only get the record by illegal download, or very expensively in vinyl, or on iTunes, so I guess I need to link to iTunes.

Get the pdf.

After the break are as many YouTube links as I could find for this album:

The Dope

African Space

Highest Degree

Mother Please Don't Cry

Drum Talk

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