Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ballard Jazz Festival dates

I just got my gig dates for the Ballard Jazz Festival in April; I'm making up for my total, shameful absence from the Portland festival by playing two nights as leader. First I'll be playing on the Brotherhood of the Drum night on Wednesday, 4/18, at Conor Byrne. Michael Shrieve will be emceeing (and playing?), along with Kobie Watkins, the great Gregg Keplinger (hopefully playing duo with Rick Mandyke), and my old boat colleague Eric Eagle, who's been doing a bunch of touring lately. Probably one or two other people. Matt Chamberlain and Matt Cameron have each done it more than once, so maybe one of them will be on it, too.

Then I'll be playing the Jazz Walk on Friday, April 20 at the Eagles' Lodge with the Seattle iteration of my Ornette band- Rich Cole and Paul Gabrielsen plus Weber Iago on piano.

Get updates on the festival timing, locations, and more. If you're in Seattle, cumon down and say hi!

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