Tuesday, November 08, 2011

DBMITW: models of simplicity

There are thousands of examples of simple pop drumming which achieve a kind of craftsmanly invisibility, but here I've chosen a handful of favorite tracks in which the drumming actually stands out artistically for its simplicity:

Sly Stone - Thank You For Talking To Me Africa - Greg Errico

More goodness after the break:

The Police - Too Much Information - Stewart Copeland

Bill Frisell - Unsung Heroes - Joey Baron

This has one of my favorite drum breaks of all time:

The Beatles - Birthday - Ringo Starr

And here are three things that we've all heard a thousand times, but what the hell, I put them in, and it would take more effort to delete them at this point. Here's an opportunity to give them a fresh listen:

AC/DC - Back In Black - Phil Rudd

Miles Davis - So What - Jimmy Cobb

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - Ndugu Leon Chancler

Please share your own favorites in the comments- I'd love to take the time to think of more, but I have Ornette Coleman charts to struggle with...

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