Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transcription: James Gadson - Use Me

I guess we could also file this under Groove o'the day. While I'm getting some longer posts together, here are James Gadson's drum breaks from the song Use Me, by Bill Withers. As you'll notice from listening to the track, you shouldn't play the accents too strongly, and the open hihat notes should just have a little sizzle to them.

Get the pdf

My favorite YouTube video in the world after the break:

The breaks are likely different from the original recording (I haven't checked), but it's close enough, and you can see Gadson's touch on this groove:


Unknown said...

I love how he plays the groove gently but with so much intensity! That is an adult tempo right there.

Grad Mustranders said...


AJRH said...

Just thank you for your work - saves me a lot of going over and over it - A.