Friday, September 02, 2011

Gainsbourg biopic

The film on the life of French songwriter Serge Gainsbourg ("GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE" Heh.), which was just being released in Europe after my last tour over there in 2010, is about to come out in the US. We'll see if it amounts to anything- the prosthetic nose they slapped on the dude playing the ol' Serge-monster has left me a little... trepidatious...

Anyhow! What an excellent time for me to plug my 2009 Origin CD 69 Année Érotique, featuring his music! It received some good notices and airplay, made several serious writers' "best of 2009" lists, and I built two Europe tours around it. If you're finding the content I'm providing useful, and are looking for a way to support the blog, buying the CD is a good way to do that- it's $15.00 with free shipping. Thanks in advance!

What brought the whole thing up is that Salon has a feature polling some hip/hipster musicians- including China Forbes, of Portland's own Pink Martini- on their favorite Gainsbourg songs. You can go take a gander at it- it's entertaining reading- while playing my own selections in the background...

My Gainsbourg pics-o-the-moment after the break:

A Gainsbourg commercial jingle we used for our theme on the 2010 tour:

My favorite ever, the only one of these to make it on my record:

This is entertaining, if only because it epitomizes this apparent French love of belting out anthems in the most brutal tone of voice possible:

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