Monday, June 06, 2011

Elvin Jones transcription round-up

I'm working on charts this evening, so here are some links to Elvin Jones transcriptions by other people:

Summertime - transcribed by Steve Korn
Have I linked to this before? If not, I should have. [UPDATE: I did] I remember doing this one off the LP   at my crummy little school-run apartment when I was attending USC in '88. It seemed very challenging, and I wasn't at all sure I would be able to finish it. There's an analysis of this solo plus a whole lot of other great stuff at Steve's site, so you should pay him a visit.
page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4 | page 5

Three Card Molly - transcribed by Dan Sabanovich
Transcription and article from Drum! Magazine, analyzing how Elvin plays in support of the tune. Excellent, very insightful piece. With video clips.
Read the piece.

Pretty Brown - transcribed by Karl Enkelmann
From the Riverside album Elvin!, which is one of the few I have never owned. Transcription is of the intro and drum solo. Karl has several other things at the Jazz Education Database, including solos by Bill Stewart and Vinnie Colaiuta.
Get the pdf.

Blues for Elvin - transcribed by Tim of Tim's Parlour
Tim, you need to put your full name on your site somewhere! Ah, well. Tim's Parlour is an excellent drumming blog, and one of the sites that inspired me to turn CSD! into a real drumming blog. Here he gives us the comping from the slow blues Blues for Elvin, from Coltrane Plays the Blues, one of my favorite tunes from one of my favorite records.
Get the pdf.

Those, along with the things I've done on this very site (Ascendant, Big Nick, Soul Eyes, Tunji), appear to be all the internets have to offer on this subject. If you know of more, please tell me about them in the comments.

Check after the break for updates:

Shiny Stockings - transcribed by svnseeds

From Heavy Sounds. Difficult reading.
Get the pdf.

Here's someone's term paper, thesis or some such, a comparison of Elvin's playing with Cuban Bata music.

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