Sunday, February 06, 2011


Light posting for a couple of days while I proof a transcription/analysis I'm submitting to Drum! magazine- they've expressed interest in my Vinnie Colaiuta/Keep It Greasey piece (from the guitar solo in 19/16)- here's hoping it makes it to press! That has dogged me for years, ever since I showed my college professor my transcription of the body of the song (which is itself no picnic), only to have him ask "why didn't you do the guitar solo?"

"Well, it's an extremely dense recording in a very strange meter, and the tempo is ~QN=144, and all I have to work with is a cassette deck and some crappy headphones with no possibility of slowing it down, and it's one of the most insane drumming performances ever recorded" is what I might have said if I wasn't dumbfounded by the comment.

I'm also busy transcribing and arranging a bunch of Ornette Coleman tunes for my new record, which is due to be released on Origin in the fall, in time for my Europe tour.

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