Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vinnie Colaiuta transcription - Frank Zappa's Packard Goose

This is one of the hairier transcriptions I have ever done- Vinnie Colaiuta's drum part from the guitar solo on Packard Goose, from Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage. I originally transcribed this- along with much of the rest of the album- in 1988. Since I couldn't find my old notebook, and it was probably riddled with errors anyway, I re-wrote it to prove something to someone on the Drummerworld.com forum, and as a naked display of transcribing prowess.

It's mostly playable, though there are a few spots where I'm pretty sure the internals of what is being played are inaudible; you can only hear the accents, and the "drumistic" logic of the passage is lost. In those cases the transcription is just a foot print. The worst instances happen around measure 93. You can't purchase the mp3 on Amazon, but you can listen to it on YouTube: