Thursday, August 17, 2006

This. This is what he's been sending me.

That first close-up is way more of this guy's face than I ever wanted to see.

Update: My comment on youtube for this video: "You Make Me Vomit".


Anonymous said...

The bulge in this guy's crotch when they do that first full-frontal shot of him is just obscene. It's like he's giving himself a hard-on with that cheezy shit.

Either that, or he's got a wadded up sock stuffed down there.

It's amazing how a man can make a career out of smiling while playing the soprano sax. Oh wait, Kenny G. Never mind.

Todd Bishop said...

I tell you, the first close-up of his oily, self-satisfied face is more pornographic than any shot you could take of someone's groin.