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Since January 2011, Cruise Ship Drummer! has provided free of charge hundreds of pages of top quality, original exercises and transcriptions, as well as written pieces in our inimitable style and perspective. It's all what I would have wanted to know when I was a young drummer, all focused on learning to PLAY. I think you'll agree the site is unique on the internet. 

Creating that content demands a lot of love and many, many uncompensated hours of work. Your cash support helps us in this work, and assures that I'm able to continue, and perhaps expand my offerings into the future.

So if you value this site, you can help us in the following ways:

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In 2018 I started to sell Cymbal & Gong brand cymbals, a custom brand from Portland, with master smiths in Turkey. I think they're some of the best traditional handcrafted cymbals available today. They're the real 50s/60s sound, and they look incredible.

Visit Cymbalistic to check our cymbals out and buy them. Feel free to contact me (EMAIL TODD link in sidebar) if you have any questions.

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See the site's lessons page for details. I live and teach in Portland, Oregon, but I teach world wide via I teach world wide via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. Hit the Skype logo in the side bar to contact me by email, or message me through the Skype app at todd6ishop. 

All levels are welcome. We cover a lot of hard stuff on the site, but I'm happy helping out students of all levels of abilities. 

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Print books including Syncopation in 3/4, 100 Grooves, and all of our annual Books of the Blog.

E-books, including 13 Essential Sticks, EZ Rock Drumming Method, transcription collections by Roy Haynes, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Max Roach, Zigaboo Modeliste, more!

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I have made some records!

Travelogue - Original tunes co-written by me and Brazilian pianist Jasnam Daya Singh.
Little Played Little Bird - Rare tunes by Ornette Coleman! 
69 Année Erotique - The music of French songwriter Serge Gainsbourg
Lower Monumental - Mayday Session - One hour of ambient free jazz! 
Flatland - Origin of Species - Experimental studio album by my late 90s power trio. 
Flatland - The Satellite - First album by Flatland, includes two Don Cherry covers! 

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  1. Kevin3:46 PM

    You helped my drumming so much. THANKS A MILLION!!!

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    The articles in the blog are interesting and the transcriptions are so accurate,thanks man may the force be with you!!
    I support you with donate very gladly

  3. Hi Todd - I just stumbled upon your site while enduring the painful thread on 6/8 transcriptions and am impressed with your material! Really nice job. Dan

  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Hi Todd, tried to check out your print books and got the following error message:

    I got an error when visiting

    Error code: 1020
    Ray ID: 7cc0faa81dc21b6c
    Country: IE
    Data center: dub01
    IP: 2a02:8084:901:bd80:f479:5486:2a1a:31a2
    Timestamp: 2023-05-23 23:11:38 UTC

  5. Hmmm the links are all working for me-- go to and search Todd Bishop or Cruise Ship Drummer and you should get a clean shot at the books.

    Thanks for looking! t