Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration day

One of many inspiring moments.
I got nothing today, congratulations to everyone on this late move towards national sanity. I suggest watching President Biden's inauguration this morning if you haven't. Even after four years of daily escalating moral outrages, you do have to see normal, competent, empathetic people who actually believe in this country in these positions to realize how truly alien were that last batch of criminals. 

Oh, and a drummer angle: according to technique specialist Bill Bachman, there are a couple of Moeller-built rope drums being used in the ceremonies.  

Update: Another drummer thing I liked: Foo Fighters played the evening event, and the drummer, Taylor Hawkins, was using a four piece set with two added concert toms, a la Ndugu Leon Chancler— a lot of people did it in the 70s, but my favorite examples of it are Ndugu's. They're a really effective addition, and you have to position them out of the way, so you don't overuse them. Unlike the 10" tom tom right in front of the snare drum. Dig it: 


  1. Ha! Great concept. Lack of proximity to help create better orchestration! :)

  2. We saw Ches Smith playing with Marc Ribot a couple of years ago, and he did this goofy thing with his crash cymbal above his head, and perfectly flat-- apparently for the same reason, to stop himself from playing it all the time.

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    The National Anthem alone had more thought behind it than any decision Trump made in the last four years did...

  4. Yeah, the anthem was actually kind of moving-- and she managed to find something new to do with it.