Monday, September 21, 2020

Three Camps for drumset - RLL/RRL/six stroke - 03

UPDATE: I noticed a typo in the “syncopated / starting on 2” version, plus I changed the sticking on the A measures. Notes on the updates further down... 

Settle in, kids, we're going to be seeing several more of these, because a) I like it and I think it's an effective format, b) I can't think of much else to do right now. Times are weird.

This one uses all the basic things found in Alan Dawson's “Ruff Bossa” method— that's a triplet system using all the parts of the six stroke roll, with RLLs, RRLs, RLLRRLs, plus occasional alternating swing 8ths.

Memorize all four of these and practice them as a complete unit. Alert on the first syncopated version: on the “first camp” (AABA), play the B measure as a full measure of RRL. The swing 8th on the first beat only happens on CCBA parts.

Notes on the updated page: 

• The typo in the syncopated/starting on 2 variation was that beat 4 on the A measure should have been on beat 1.

• I changed the sticking on the A measures to include a six stroke roll sticking— RLLRRL. Or you can just play the main sticking for the whole measure— RLL on the first two versions, or RRL on the second two.

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  1. Finally played through the camps for drumset pages - I'm into it. They sound more like music than repeating 1 or 2 bar patterns...and the variations also make it harder to fall into playing the same thing over and over mindlessly. Seems to fall somewhere between short coordination/warm ups and a full-on Reed interpretation.

  2. Yeah, you're doing the one thing, but also practicing how it connects to other things. And it's similar to Reed, but without the reading element, and pared down enough that it's easier to focus on speed, and on really improving the one commonplace thing.

    This particular one I'm not that wild about, but it was an obvious one to do. Other people might use that "ruff bossa" thing more than me.