Monday, February 08, 2016

NOW AVAILABLE: 2015 Book of the Blog

2015 Book of the Blog
UPDATE: I'm going to keep this pinned to the top of the blog a little while longer, so scroll down for new posts. 

The 2015 Book of the Blog is now available! It's 102 pages of intermediate-to-professional level practice materials from the blog in 2015, printed up in a single handsome volume. If you're a follower of the blog, yer gonna want it...

Highlights and the complete table contents are listed after the break:

- Many pages of snare drum technique, jazz, funk, linear, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban groove/coordination studies.

- Odd meters: 7/8 (big unit!), 5/4, and 7/4

- Transcriptions of Tony Williams, Billy Higgins, Elvin Jones, Ed Blackwell, Airto, more!

- More, I said! It's a hundred pages, with no filler— way too much cool stuff to summarize... I don't know why I'm giving you the hard sell— if you like this blog, you know what we do, and you're probably going to want this book... that's all.

Complete table of contents:

snare drum studies
Natural-sticking timing exercise
Paradiddle inversion exercise
Flam Accent Number 2 - basics
Flams: triplets and 16th notes, Stone variations
Snare drum workout in 4/4
Stick Control in 3/4
Stick Control in 3/4 - flam accents
Stick Control in 3/4 - flamacues
Snare drum workout in 6/8 - flamacues
Survival Chops - triplets in 5/4
Snare drum workout in 5/4 - 8th notes

rock / funk / samba
Basic half time feel funk grooves
Half time feel funk - basic method
Half time feel funk - intermediate method
Half time feel funk - advanced method
Rock beats displaced
Page o' coordination - funk
Rock beats in 5/4
Brazilian 3
Brazilian 5
Brazilian 7
Maiden Voyage figure - Reed method
Cantaloupe Island - figure and fills
Your own "glitch" beat

advanced drumset styles 
Getting around the drums - basics
Jazz method with varying cymbal rhythm
Assembling a basic Elvin waltz
Chaffee patterns in 3/4
Page o' coordination: overlapping hands
Mozambique variations
Page o' coordination: anticipations - 01
Page o' coordination: anticipations - 02
Page o' coordination: anticipations - 03
Page o' coordination: Ahmad's vamp
Page o' coordination: Latin 3 - 01
Page o' coordination: Latin 3 - 02
Page o' coordination: Afro 6 - Guiro
Page o' coordination: Igbo grooves for drumset

odd meter studies 
Chaffee linear patterns in 5/4, mixed rhythm - 01
Chaffee linear patterns in 5/4, mixed rhythm - 02
Chaffee linear patterns in 5/4, mixed rhythm - 02, inversion
Chaffee linear patterns in 5/4, mixed rhythm - 03
Chaffee linear patterns in 5/4, mixed rhythm - 03, inversion
Basic syncopation rhythms in 7/4
Page o' coordination: 7/4
Chaffee linear patterns in 7/4, mixed rhythm
Stick Control in 7/8
Basic 7/8 rhythms
Page o' coordination: Zorn 7/8
Zorn 7/8 - Stone method
RLF in 7/8
Dahlgren & Fine in 7/8
7/8 paradiddles
Flam accents in 7/8

Random Billy
Frankie Dunlop - Green Chimneys
Frankie Dunlop - Pannonica
Al Foster - Pannonica
Elvin Jones - Lonnie's Lament
Kenny Clarke - Love Me Or Leave Me
Ed Blackwell - Happy House
Roy Haynes - GW
Joey Baron - Cattle Drive
Tony Williams - Lopsy Lu
Airto - Partido Alto
Airto - Earache My Eye
Famoudou Don Moye - Funky Aeco
Billy Higgins - Shimmy Shewobble


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