Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grooves o' the day: found items

[UPDATE: Link fixed!] I found these inside an old copy of Mel Bay's Stage Band Drummers' Guide I just purchased on Ebay: two pages of beats cut out of 1984 issues of Modern Drummer. I actually remember these, and had played through them at the time.

The first page is part of an odd-meter series by a post-Dixie Dregs, pre-Winger Rod Morgenstein, in which he transcribes some famous grooves by Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, and Russ Kunkel. The other is more of a period curiosity: a collection of random fusion beats from the heyday of the "signature" groove, written by James Morton. None of them sit very easily on the drums, so playing through them will certainly put some new moves under your hands.

Get the pdf.

YouTube audio from the Morgenstein piece after the break:


  1. Debney Antiom3:12 AM

    Hi Todd - the link isn't loading for me...

  2. Son of a... OK, there we go- it's working now! tb

  3. Debney Antiom1:38 AM

    Cheers, Sir - great find. Your blog is the best thing out there...

  4. Thanks, man, I appreciate it!