Monday, January 16, 2012

Todd's paradiddle-diddle interpretation

This is the first practice method for the pages of syncopation exercises I posted the other day. Today I'll give it to you just for the hands only, then later I'll show you how I apply it to the drum set, first for uptempo jazz. As I mentioned, there are only three note values used (or their equivalent with ties or rests): dotted quarter notes, quarter notes, and single 8th notes.

For three-8th note durations:

For two-8th note durations:

For single 8ths:

I've given the sticking just on snare drum, and on snare drum and hihat to illustrate its shape a little better. Don't overplay the accents, particularly on the RRLL sticking- just put a little emphasis. This is a very right hand-heavy method- it's a good idea to also start it with the left.

Example after the break:

This exercise (line 7):



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