Saturday, June 11, 2011

Transciption: Pete LaRoca - Oleo

I must apologize for the light posting- I've been occupied with work and with my still-upcoming, really-going-to-happen this time recording session for my new record. Allow me to make it up to you by offering this transcription of Pete LaRoca's playing on a very bright rendition of Sonny Rollins' Oleo, from the "A Jazz Hour With..." series of recordings.

I got to see LaRoca play in Portland on the tour he did around 2001 or so. His chops were a little down, but he still had a great, loose, Elvin-like feel. These old trio recordings with Sonny Rollins are some of the greatest things ever. Here he sketches out the melody just on the ride cymbal, and swings on the bridge, as is normal. I've transcribed the drums only on the fours- there's four measures of Sonny blowing in between each line of drums. The choruses of fours start at 1:10, and LaRoca's first break is at 1:14.

Get the pdf

YouTube clip of the track after the break.

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