Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roy Haynes transcription round-up

I thought I'd follow up my Elvin Jones transcription round-up with one of the other great jazz masters, Roy Haynes. I'm a little surprised to find I've only put up two things of his, his solo on Morpheus, from Miles Davis and Horns, and his intro to H&H, from Pat Metheny's Question and Answer- we'll have to do something about that soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these other Roy transcriptions from around the web: 

Evidence - head and solo transcribed by Brian Adler
From the live album Monk in Action, a record I've never owned, strangely, though I'm very close to it's companion, Misterioso. Adler has transcribed the head and drum solo, helpfully providing us with the melody of the tune so you can see how the drumming interacts with it. His site has a nice downloads section I'll be taking a closer look at. Here's a bonus solo drum intro from it.
Download the pdfs: head - solo

Down Home - solo transcribed by Dan DiPiero
DiPiero's Tuneblog gives us this from the classic Haynes' album, Just Us, along with some analysis and background information. Tuneblog has moved since this was posted, so be sure visit him at his current address.
Read the piece and download the pdf via Mediafire.

Matrix - head and four choruses blowing transcribed by Peter Saleh
From Chick Corea's Now He Sings, Now He Sobs, this is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Visit Saleh's teaching site.
Download the pdf. - Bonus Elvin transcription- If by Larry Young!

Reflections - solo transcribed by Bryan Bowman
From Haynes'  We Three. I guess it falls on me to put up something from Out of the Afternoon (just to remind you how lucky you are, that's an album I picked up used in 1987, and never saw again in a record store until it was reissued I think in the early 00's.)  Aside from his personal stuff, there are a few more drumming tidbits lurking on Bowman's site, so I'd recommend paying him a visit. You should also visit Jacob Roved's site, to see an alternate version of just the intro of this tune, along with some other good things.
Download the pdf.

Solar - head and two choruses of blowing transcribed by Tim @ Tim's Parlour
An old favorite I've linked to before, from Pat Metheny's Question and Answer, one of my favorite albums.
Download the pdf.

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