Guide to the archives

We have posted so much stuff in the two+ years we've been active, it can be difficult finding your way around it all; so here's a concise guide to tracking down the things that interest you.

You can browse the archives by subject using the “labels”— found at the bottom of each post, and in the sidebar (under “Browse by popular topics”), and by date (see the sidebar, under “Blog archive”). This does not by any means cover everything found on the blog, so I strongly suggest you make friends with the search window at the upper left of every page. The older posts link at the bottom of each page is also very important; your search results or label contents are continued there.

Many posts under each of these categories.

The heading for all of our original practice materials available for download in pdf format— exercises, transcriptions, Reed/Stone interpretations, more.

Technical exercises for drum set and snare drum, mostly downloadable in pdf format.

Drumset transcriptions, mostly original, mostly downloadable as pdfs. Also available in print format in the 2011 and (soon) 2012 Books of the Blog.

Grooves of the day
Transcribed grooves. Posted in jpeg format. Also available in book format, plus many grooves never posted on the site.

Practicing with Syncopation, and Stick Control
Links to exercises using George Stone's Stick Control, or Ted Reed's Syncopation— a large part of what we do on here, actually.

The Elvin Series
A group of coordination exercises originally derived from Elvin Jones' “afro waltz” feel. Includes my transcriptions of John Coltrane's Your Lady and Out Of This World, which contain the kernel idea of the series. This entire series will be including in the forthcoming 2012 Book of the Blog.

Apart from the Joel Rothman interview, these are all excerpted from other sources, edited by me. 

Shorter, but still substantial categories of stuff.

Todd's Methods
Exercises and Reed/Stone interpretations that are, as far as I know, unique to me. Doesn't include every single original thing I've written for the site, just the ones that strike me as kind of special.

Best books
Outlines and reviews of CSD! recommended books.

Performance practices
Talk about playing the drums and making music.

Talk about ways of practicing more effectively.

Odd meters
Everything dealing with odd meters— includes a whole lot on playing in 5/4.

Talk about the practice and business of teaching the drums.

Links for posts relating to a few of the drummers we deal with a lot:

Elvin Jones

Jack Dejohnette

Roy Haynes

Paul Motian

Tony Williams

Frankie Dunlop

Zigaboo Modeliste 

Ed Blackwell

Posts relating to some of our major genres:





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Scott Doyle said...

This is awesome man! I ended up making a bookmark folder for the same purpose, now it's all right here, with some great stuff I missed too.