Sunday, June 19, 2022

Daily best music in the world: Sunny Murray

Getting ready to head to Germany in a week, so content will be a little light. Here's a cool record by Sunny Murray— usually the outest free guy in the world, here doing some swing tunes and some free stuff with some great, unique players. Monnette Sudler is an interesting guitarist I had never heard of. She's still around, making music.

I always assumed everyone was working together and feeling good when playing this kind of music, and in agreement that it is what it is— that effect they're getting is what they want. Or at least they accept and embrace it. Now I wonder more. The swing grooves here have a unique, loopy kind of feel, but not everyone enjoys playing with that— it would be hard frustrating work for a lot of people. 

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Ed Pierce said...

This is cool stuff; thanks for posting. I've mainly just heard Murray's out there stuff with Albert Ayler. I remember Farnell Newton telling me that Murray is his (great?) uncle, and that once Farnell heard him play some straight ahead music and thought, "Cool, my uncle can swing!"