Saturday, June 18, 2022

CYMBALISTIC: travel set, 11th Anniversary rides

CYMBALISTIC: I paid a little visit to the Cymbal & Gong warehouse (aka, Tim's basement) to play some cymbals for Michael Griener, a great drummer, friend, and supporter in Berlin. Michael is very active playing all over Europe, and needs a set of small cymbals to travel with. Here I hit some 17" crashes, 19/20" Chinas, 13" hihats, and a 19" Special Janavar crash-ride: 

I also hit some 11th Anniversary Holy Grail cymbals— jazz rides drilled for six rivets, a sort of tribute to Elvin Jones. I'll be getting a couple of these to sell on Cymbalistic. C&G's normal weights for jazz rides are fairly robust, and these are actually at the heavier end of their normal weight range— ~1850 for the 20s, ~2325 for the 22s— but when I played these I thought they were much thinner. Great traditional K. sound:  

If you're in Germany, come meet me in Berlin or Dresden and play these things! Anyone who wants to buy one can also meet me in the Frankfurt airport to pick it up. Get in touch, let me know. 

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