Sunday, May 01, 2022

Reed interpretation: Matt's double bass method - 02

Continuing a double bass drum method I'm developing with a student. I don't play double bass, and have very little to teach on the subject, but we're building a pretty substantial drill out of it. That's been my focus lately, putting together a set of stuff you can work on for about an hour at a time, that covers most of the fundamentals of a style— see my recent jazz drill and rock drill

As always, use Syncopation pp. 30-45, interpreting the top line part only, ignoring the stems-down “bass drum” part.

Step one is to play two 16th notes for every note sounding in the book rhythm— it doesn't matter what the note value is, just play two 16ths instead of the one note. Play that rhythm on the bass drums, add quarter notes, 8th notes, or offbeat 8th notes on the cymbal. Add snare drum on the 8th note gaps in the bass drum rhythm, or on beats 2 and 4, or on all of the &s, to make a double time feel. Play all combinations of the above. 

Combine this with the previous post, and play all parts of it in one continuous drill— no breaks, focusing on polishing each individual thing, and on being able to switch from one to the other without stopping.  

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