Wednesday, May 25, 2022

EZ ECM: entry to 7/4

Hey, a few broad, non-technical creative possibilities for playing a straight-8th, ECM-type texture in 7/4, which also apply to using Ted Reed's Syncopation on the drum set broadly.  

First, we need some rhythms to work with— print my photoshopped page of Reed rhythms in 7/4, or use Syncopation itself and read creatively— two measures of 4/4 minus one beat at the end of either measure = 7/4. In this post the rhythms used are all from page 34 in Syncopation, converted to 7/4 time. 

Start by playing the rhythm on the cymbal— here's the line 4 rhythm converted to 7/4. Play it on a cymbal with one hand, or on two cymbals with both hands, with an improvised sticking: 

Here are some possible rhythms to add with the left foot: 

And some possible bass drum rhythms: 

You can add snare drum and bass drum based on long and short notes— add snare drum on some or all of the 8th notes, add bass drum on some or all of the quarter notes and tied notes:  

Also try filling in the gaps in the rhythm on the snare drum, and add some bass drum in unison with the right hand:

We don't want to be always tied to the 1, so try this two measure practice phrase, with an added tie on the last note of the first measure. For general fluency, and so you don't blow it and get lost when this type of anticipation comes up in playing. 

Get my archive of sampled practice loops, find the loops in 7/4, and play along with them— start with two moderate tempo ones by John Zorn: Hadasha and Hodaah.  

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