Friday, October 22, 2021

Organizing practice loops

UPDATE: Download links are working now! 

My archive of sampled practice loops has gotten so big that it's become kind of unmanageable, so I've organized them into categories. Here are the first three new zips to download:  

Slow to medium tempo jazz in 4/4

Rock and funk

Latin - Caribbean and Brazilian

I'll be posting more in the coming few weeks. There are quite a few new things that are not included in the archive I joyfully posted back in January. A few of the jazz loops might be weird to play with— I made a lot of new ones, and haven't gotten around to playing with all of them yet.  

If you haven't used these yet, quit screwing around and set it up. It'll change your life and relationship with all the dull stuff I and others tell you to practice. Make a folder in your music directory labeled DRUM-PRACTICE or something, and unzip these there. I suggest adding the date to the folder name, because I'll likely be updating them. 

I really recommend using a player other than iTunes. I use MusicBee on my main desktop computer, and VLC Media Player on my pad. Even if you normally use iTunes, you can set up one of those freeware players to recognize only your practice folder, and use that app only for practicing. Or just buy one of those stone-age mp3 players and use that.   

I recommend using over-the-ear headphones, with earplugs underneath, so you don't blow out your ears competing with the drums. I usually have one can off my ear so I can hear the live drums, too. I don't recommend noise cancelling or isolating headphones— you want to hear the drums.  

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