Sunday, September 05, 2021

Transcription: Roy Haynes feature

UPDATE: I have extreme quality readers. Jim in the comments pointed out a bunch of errors in this, and figured out the insane Mystery Lick on the second page. The corrected pdf is up now. 

New Arrival is a tune by Nat Adderley, from the record Introducing Nat Adderley, that heavily features Roy Haynes on the drums. He's got a long intro, a solo, some fours, and then a solo break on the head out. It's a nice tight little nightclub arrangement. Haynes is in full blown “snap crackle” mode, and everything is very hip, very slick, very tidy. Except one thing in the middle of the solo where I needed some help from the community (see above) to figure it out.  

Most of the running 8th notes are played straight, non-swinging; the syncopated rhythms swing. There are a few spots where both hands are played in unison on the snare and tom, which may not be happening in actuality— there's a lot of sympathetic vibration from the snares, and it can be difficult to tell. None of that is difficult to play, so no harm if the way I wrote it is wrong. He uses a splash cymbal, and there are a few special articulations— at the beginning he muffles the snare drum with his hand, later on there are some cymbal chokes, and pitch bends on the tom toms. He does feather the bass drum sometimes, but it's not really in time.  

Get the pdf

Blogger is being a pain about letting me embed video, so listen here if this record isn't already in your collection. 


Jim F said...

Nice post!
Just noticed a few things.
Bars 10 and 12 - the rhythms should be shifted 1 beat later than notated.
Bar 15 - the rhythm should be shifted half a beat later than notated (hi hat played on the ‘and of 1’).

Mystery rhythm is ( . for 16th notes and _ for 8th note on bass drum)
. . _ . . _ _ . . _ . .
_ _ . . _ . . _ _ _

Counted: 1e+ 2e+ 3 +a 4 +a 1 + 2e+ 3e+ 4 +

Solo break at 6:18
First four bars should be shifted later one beat.
SD notes in bar five land on beat ‘3’ and the ‘and of 4’

Todd Bishop said...

Oh, you're right-- what a mess. That's really sloppy editing on my part. Fixed the things on the first page. The last break @ 6:18 was all screwed up.

I gave the mystery lick a closer listen, and got basically what you got, except starting before the 1, and I left my same ending. Still a little discrepancy on beat 2 of the second measure-- I'll give it a closer listen. It will probably turn out to be exactly what you said it is. I'll post an updated pdf when that's corrected.

Good catch! Wow. I need to slow down and check these things more carefully.

Todd Bishop said...

The updated pdf is up. The mystery lick works best exactly as you described it. There is one spot where the bass drum lands early, with the left hand, which is what that tied note is about. Thanks again for the sharp ears!