Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Page o' coordination: basic triplet texture in 4/4

Here's a straightforward page o' coordination for learning bass drum variations along with a basic triplet texture with the hands, in a jazz feel. The hands are doing a simple linear sticking pattern— a paradiddle-diddle (RLRRLL) starting on beats 2 and 4. The bass drum notes are either in unison with the cymbal, or they replace the left hand. There are no BD/LH unisons. 

This is sort of a warm up for the more hardcore way of doing this with Reed— playing the melody from the book on the bass drum, filling out the remainder of the triplets with the left hand, with jazz rhythms on the cymbal and hihat. 

If you want, you could do the left hand moves I encourage with most of the other POCs— this wasn't really intended for that kind of thing, but why not.  

Get the pdf

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