Thursday, February 11, 2021

CYMBALISTIC: Leon Collection specials coming soon!

NEWS: Cymbal & Gong is blowing out a little bit of old stock from their master smith's personal line of cymbals, the Leon Collection, and so, my humble dealership CYMBALISTIC will soon be offering some big specials on them.  

The general character of the Leon Collection is bright, light, airy, musical, lush— for an ECM-type sound in jazz weights. At a cymbal meet in Berlin, the consensus among drummers was that they were “like 602s, but better.” 

New cymbals, all jazz weight, and personally selected by me, include: 

Two 22" light rides - These are both quite light, bordering on crash weight, but they handle well as rides played with light sticks. 
One 19" crash ride - Excellent solid left side cymbal. 
Two 17" thin crashes - 17 is the new 18. These are quick, for getting a nice accent at moderate volumes, while still handling light riding well. Mount them on the left, Tony Williams-style, or on the far right. 
One set 15" light hihats - light cymbals with a solid foot sound. 

I'll be posting videos of those next week. If you're looking for other sizes, for the moment there are a few other Leons still at C&G HQ— crashes from 16-21", and lighter 15" hihats. Let me know right away if you have any interest in those, they'll be gone soon!   

And I have two other Leons currently in stock: a beautiful, delicate 20" flat ride, and this remarkable ultra light 20" ride:  

What I will probably do is offer rapidly escalating discounts when buying more than one Leon— or a Leon together with another line. And probably a smaller discount on other lines of cymbals purchased with one or more Leons. 

In short, this will be a great opportunity to save hundreds filling out your collection of cymbals.   

I'll announce the discount schedule when I post the videos of the individual cymbals next week. 

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