Tuesday, March 09, 2021

CYMBALISTIC: Leon Collection sale happening now!

March 10 UPDATE: 
Scroll down for new posts— I'll bump this to the top of the page for the duration of the sale. The hihats have sold, but there is still most of a complete set: 22" light ride, 19" crash ride, 19" medium flat, 17" thin crash. You can add some discounted Holy Grail hihats to 2-3 of those, and get a complete set of great cymbals for an astonishing $800-1100.  

Act soon— when the sale ends— and who knows when that will be: 

  1. The bonus discount on Holy Grails goes away.
  2. I'll probably pull a couple of the remaining Leons from stock and keep them for myself.
  3. Remaining Leons will be discounted a yet-unknown %, but escalating discounts go away.

CASCADING discounts on Leon Collection cymbals!

Cymbal & Gong is blowing out their old stock of Leon Collection cymbals, so I picked out a few select items for you to purchase on my site, Cymbalistic.com, at some pretty excellent discounts: 

First Leon: -20% off
the regular site price
Second Leon: -30% off
Third or more Leons: -40% off*

I'm giving a little -10% discount on all other cymbals when purchased with one or more Leons. And they're counted first so you get the lowest price on your Leons. 

This is all limited to stock on hand— and I never carry a whole lot of stock— so you'd better act fast if you want in on this. It's a great opportunity to get a complete set, or to round out your collection of gigging cymbals. 

Sale cymbals include: Two One 22" light rides, a 20" super light ride, 20" thin flat ride, 19" crash-ride, 19" custom medium flat ride, two one 17" thin crashes, one set 15" light hihats

The Leon Collection
is the personal line of Cymbal & Gong's master cymbal smith. They are jazz weight cymbals, and their sounds are generally light, bright, and airy, reminiscent of ECM in the 1970s. My friends in Berlin played them and concluded they were “like 602s, but better.” I've found that the Leons blend well with Cymbal & Gong's Holy Grail series, and other "K-type" cymbals. 

In case you aren't familiar: 

Cymbal & Gong is a one man company here in Portland, Oregon, with cymbals hand made in Turkey to traditional specifications, emulating the sounds of jazz in the 1950s and 60s. I believe they are consistently the best cymbals available for that sound, and that's why I sell them.   

Cymbalistic is my cymbal retail site. I sell only Cymbal & Gong cymbals, in limited quantities. I personally select all my stock for sound and playability— I only sell cymbals I would want to perform and record with myself. Each individual cymbal is demonstrated in a video, and I give a frank description of my impressions of it, as a jazz musician. 

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Unknown said...

Todd, I find these spamming comments as annoying as you are, but this one's actually on point. Thanks for being here for all of us, who keep comming to your web for regular frustration about what it takes to be a real jazz drummer and for the tools needed to make it happen. And for new reasons to buy another cymbal. Jan.