Saturday, December 26, 2020

From the zone: two-note coordination patterns

From Manuel in Augsburg, Germany. We've met a couple of times in my travels— in Berlin and in Augsburg, and I got to help him put together a really nice set of Cymbal & Gong cymbalsa 22" ride and some other things. He's sent in a little Chaffee-esque library of all possible combinations of two-note patterns for four limbs:

Manuel says “I practice it on the set as a warm-up to 'remove friction' (as some authors put it) and to work on balance between the different volume levels of Ride, Snare, Bass and Hi Hat.” 

I may try it— I always had a problem with things like this (see Chaffee's Time Functioning book, Dahlgren & Fine), because I wouldn't know when it was OK to stop. Now I'm more able to just play through something once. Get through it in however long is reasonable. 

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Manuel said...

Thanks for posting this material! I hope that other people find it to be of value. While I don't teach, I guess that it could be helpful for two things:
- Beginners that struggle with separating limbs (like right foot and right hand) get to play through every possible combination to begin developing coordination. Staying with just two notes makes it less daunting than complete grooves where tricky coordination occurs.
- Advanced players can use this list to find holes in their coordination. I don't spend equal amounts of time with every combination. Instead, I'll find one that is the trickiest for me and stay with that one for a while.

Of course, everyone is free to substitute R, L and Flams in Stick Control for limb combinations or use it with Syncopation or the Table of Time. I haven't made it that far with this mterial and that would seem a bit excessive to me but maybe it works for some people. I practice these just as warm-up, not for hours! :)