Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Three Camps for drum set - inverted - 05

Another page working on normal jazz drumset vocabulary using Three Camps— we're sort of inverting the basic version, except I've taken a few liberties with it to make a normal Elvin-like texture out of it. 

I really like this whole method, and I think it is really worth your while to learn it, figuring out all the correct form for each version. It's easy when you do it. It's really good for people who like clearly-defined lesson assignments, or for undisciplined people like me who tend to drift into creative practice rather than practice things thoroughly.

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Ken Taylor said...

Turns out that Ralph C. Pace did a series of publications based on using "Three Camps." He wrote a concert band piece -- I think it was a concert band -- piece. Basically, he developed a series of ways to use "Three Camps" as a teaching tool.


Like this is clever!!

Todd Bishop said...

I just realized the "melody" is basically the nursery rhyme "This Old Man." The A sections of it, anyway. I've never heard the original fife part for it.