Monday, September 07, 2020

Very occasional quote of the day: prove to yourself you are a drummer

“The first thing I'd say is forget about making it big. If you're that good and it's in the cards for you to make it big, you probably will and no one can stop it. 

However, I say first prove to yourself that you are a drummer.”

— Rufus 'Speedy' Jones, Modern Drummer interview by Robert Barnelle, 1983

[h/t to Ed Pierce for directing me to the interview]

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Michael Griener said...

quote from rondrums51 on "It's sad how he ended up. He was living in Las Vegas and teaching drums, but his arthritis got so bad that he couldnt play anymore. He got a job as a janitor in the Vegas showrooms so he could still be around the music and listen to it. Tragic."