Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mainstream Records on Bandcamp

Just directing your attention to the Bandcamp site for Mainstream Records— an independent record label in the 60s-70s. Founded by Bob Shad in '64, folded in '78. There's a lot of 70s jazz in a funk/Latin fusion mode, some blues, and more. You used to have to get lucky to find these used on vinyl, now you can download their stuff instantly for $8.

Here are some highlights— I think I've seen two copies of this Roy Haynes record in the wild before, one of which I bought:

Roy Haynes Hip Ensemble - Equipoise

Hadley Caliman - Iapetus
With Sonship on drums! 

Billie Holliday - In Rehearsal
Rehearsal tapes from 1954— “a very casual rehearsal with start and stops and conversations with Billie.”

Shelley Manne - Mannekind
With John Gross, Mike Wofford, and Gary Barone.

Hal Galper - Inner Journey
With Dave Holland and Bill Goodwin.

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