Monday, August 10, 2020

Alternating flam rudiments tree

Just a little throwaway graphic illustrating the connectedness of flam rudiments. People think of them as “omg a bunch of different things”, but they use very similar motions.

The key rudiment here is the Flam Accent #1— you get the others after it by just doubling one note, and playing with the rhythm. The pattern named Unnamed Awesome Rudiment is now named Unnamed Awesome Rudiment, or UAR. I like it better than the other 16th note flam rudiments— Windmills are easy but dull, Flamadiddles are just loathsome. UARs are difficult but hip.


  1. UAR might be the best rudiment name ever! :)

  2. pronounced "you are" ;-)

  3. It's a semi-decollapsed Alternating Patty - got to love nomenclature. ;)
    Thanks for the post!