Friday, July 17, 2020

CYMBALISTIC: Five 24" rides!

Does anybody need a sweet 24" ride cymbal? I'm checking out four OUTSTANDING Cymbal & Gong jazz cymbals, plus a monster medium ride. I will have these around for a couple of days, then they'll go back to C&G, so ACT NOW if you want one. The Holy Grails (patina finish) are $520 and the American Artist (bright finish) is $495. 

These are all great. The three lighter Holy Grails really show off Cymbal & Gong's consistency, and are classically awesome; they're true jazz cymbals, with an airy complex sound, they crash well, but they're also controllable, with good stick definition and a good bell sound. I would be hard pressed to choose one for myself. The American Artist, with the squared 50s “A-type” bell handles very similarly— those tend to be a little more intense, but this one is beautifully mellow. It's also a great jazz cymbal, the equal of any of the HGs. The medium ride is quite a beast. It has a lovely overall sound and accents well, but never fully opens up when crashing. It would be a great big band cymbal, but I believe it would handle softer playing really well, too.  

I have some other new Holy Grails in stock, too— visit Cymbalistic to check those out. 

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