Monday, August 03, 2020


MONDAY 8/3 UPDATE: Last day, folks. Speak now or pay full shipping later. And miss out on these wonderful 24" rides, which are going back to C&G.

Hey gang, due to a fluke set of circumstances— mainly, I'm holding a group of 24" jazz rides that have to go back to Cymbal & Gong headquarters in a couple of days— I'm going to offer an END OF JULY 2020 LIGHTNING OPPORTUNITY SHIPPING SPECIAL BLOW-OUT:

If you want one of the 24" rides, I'll give you FREE SHIPPING...

Strike that— let's do free shipping for ALL cymbal purchases (USA only) through Monday, August 3rd. Why not.

Cruise over to Cymbalistic and see what I have in stock, and email me through that site or at the EMAIL TODD link in the sidebar here to make a purchase.

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