Sunday, June 14, 2020

CYMBALISTIC: New cymbals are in!

Just acquired some new Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail series cymbals for sale: there are two 18" crashes, two 20" jazz rides, a 22" jazz ride, and two sets of 15" hihats. All excellent jazz cymbals.

Here's the 22, “Hassan”, a classic of its type— this will compare favorably with any 22" Turkish K you're likely to find:

In  case you haven't visited my cymbal site, Cymbalistic: I personally select the individual cymbals I'm going to sell, and give them names for easy identification. Cymbal & Gong produces small quantities of cymbals, made in Turkey, to traditional specifications. Almost all of them are multi-purpose cymbals in the Mel Lewis tradition— everything's a ride, everything's a crash. They are the true 50s sound.

I did some videos of some nice pairs of cymbals too:

Go to Cymbalistic to check them out. The pairs are just on my YouTube channel right now.

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