Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Tony Williams phrase endings

Some things Tony Williams plays at phrase endings on Moose The Mooche, from the Great Jazz Trio at The Village Vanguard. There's a lot more to learn from Tony's playing on this tune, but who has time to write out a full transcription these days. The form is AABA, 32 bars long, and most of these happen in the last two bars of a section; at least one of them happens in bars 3-4 at the top of the form.

The tempo is bright, and Tony plays the 8th notes pretty straight. Where the phrase ends with an accent on the & of 4, usually that note is held through the 1 of the following measure, and the cymbal rhythm comes in on 2. He plays the hihat on 2 and 4, or running quarter notes most of the time.

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