Friday, March 06, 2020

Four on the floor drill - 01

This is a little lightweight thing that came out of practicing along with that recent Fela Kuti loop. I was playing four on the floor in a half time feel, with some variations on the cymbal, and some snare added. I'll explain:

 Make one of these your main groove:

Grab some cymbal rhythms from pp. 10-11 of Syncopation. For example:

Add some left hand filler wherever you like. You could start by adding it on the & of 1 / & of 4, wherever there's a gap in the cymbal rhythm. In these examples I've eliminated the bass drum for visual clarity— keep playing it.

Move the left hand around the drums, play around with sounds/articulations— rim shots, rim clicks, buzzes, doubles. The resulting groove is similar to a Everett Morton type of ska groove, with a mixed cymbal rhythm a la Stewart Copeland. Here's a Morton-esque embellishment for you, while we're at it: 

I'll do a few more of these. Like I said, it's a very easy, lightweight little thing, more an invitation to play around with an idea, while learning to be happy playing quarter notes on the bass drum, than it is a hard and fast drill to be rigorously worked out. 

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keith haldane said...

Great little lesson Todd! Thanks!!