Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Daily best music in the world: Elvin plays brushes

You would think with all of this extra quarantine time I would just be writing up a storm, but I'm actually kind of blocked this week. So here's Tommy Flanagan's Overseas—a nice record with Elvin Jones playing only brushes. Recorded in 1957 in Sweden, while touring with JJ Johnson.

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Michael Griener said...

Always remember that Elvin was fired by J.J. Johnson right after they came back from that tour. On that same night he wanted to get wasted with one of his brothers when Wilbur Ware found him and told him that Rollins wanted both of them immediately at the Village Vanguard. So Elvin was already quite a bit drunk when he played on Pete La Roca's drum set at the Village Vanguard what turned out to be one the the classic recordings if all time. Being a jazz musician is a bumpy road.