Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Three notes, one on cymbals - 01

This little assignment is related to several things we've done lately: my harmonic coordination improved method, and my rock drill; playing it in */4 meters with a swing feel gives you something similar to rubadub. It's all the same thing, more or less: facilitating moving around the drums in an even rhythm, using the whole instrument and all the limbs. Each thing just has a slightly different focus.

I suggest moving the non-cymbal notes around the drums somewhat systematically, playing each two drum notes in a row on the same drum, or splitting them between drums:

The stickings on the flams are meant to support conversion to alternating singles— so the flams before a RH cymbal hit will start with the right hand, for example.

You can also play the flams as straight unisons— called double stops— when playing each hand on different drums.

You can practice the patterns in a triplet feel as written, and also in 3/4, or 4/4 (or 2/2)— with straight 8ths or a swing feel:

When playing in 4/4, just play the first set of patterns— as you can see the converted versions of sets B and C occur naturally in the second and third measure.

This is the sort of thing I really need to play along with a sampled loop. I can't just run patterns dry.

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