Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Very occasional quote of the day: spirit

“Now-a-days the technical information is available. A lot of people have it, which proves all the more that it's not the key to the music. The key is what's inside, the life you live, and that's what I really learned from those people. Where the music came from, how much dedication and how much love was in it. People who just study the music will never sound as real. There are piano players who analyze McCoy or Bill Evans or Chick Corea. They know analytically what it is, but they didn't live it and I hear that immediately. That's what I hear first, before the note. I hear the aura and spirit. I hear what's inside. But that's an ability I've always had. I see the inside before I see the outside.”

— Bob Moses, Modern Drummer interview, December, 1979

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