Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Page o' coordination: another basic 3:2

UPDATE: pdf download now works

Back in Portland after a road trip to northern California... recording drums for a quasi-punk record by my wife and one of her 90s East Village cronies, in a Lions Club in a little town outside of Yuba City.

So, we'll be doing kind of a boilerplate item today: another page o' coordination in 12/8, a follow up on this recent very basic page. This page may not be necessary for anyone who has done more than a few of my other POCs in 6 or 12/8, but it fills in a gap in my literature, and will be good for people who want or need to go over the fundamentals in these meters in a very thorough way. This is background for Afro 6, jazz waltz, 6/4, or slow/medium triplet or shuffle feel.

Learn the exercises, then drill the entire page with the standard left hand moves. Use this Melvin Sparks loop if you need or want to do it at a very slow tempo. 

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