Tuesday, July 23, 2019

CYMBAL OF THE MINIT: 20" Leon Collection Ride - “Serge” - 1600g

A new recurring item, featuring individual cymbals available on my Cymbalistic site. Mainly I sell CYMBAL & GONG cymbals; the Leon Collection cymbals are a special line made by C&G's master cymbal smith. They're generally on the brighter side, with a very dense, full harmonic profile. I delivered several of these cymbals to Germany in June, and the drummers who played them concluded that Leons are “like Paiste 602s, only better.” It's hard to find a good bright-sounding cymbal.

Most of the Leons I have played at C&G HQ have been crashes, but we're been seeing more rides recently, and I really dig them. There are also some 18 and 20" light flat rides on order.


20" Leon Collection Ride “Serge” - 1600g - $410.00
Beautiful, lush, pleasingly-bright extra-light ride. Complex but smooth harmonic profile. Great left side cymbal, or main cymbal for acoustic applications. Handles surprisingly well as a ride cymbal despite the very light weight. This will be a great cymbal for recording.

Our friend Michael Griener bought “Hector”, the slightly-funkier companion to this cymbal. Hit that link to compare them. Michael is an excellent and very active jazz drummer and college instructor based in Berlin. He bought a complete set of Leons (as well as a couple of Merseybeat rides), and now says “Who wants to buy my Spizzichino? I don’t play it anymore!”

Hit the EMAIL TODD link in the sidebar if you want to purchase this fantastic cymbal.

Visit CYMBALISTIC to check out a lot of other great cymbals by Cymbal & Gong.

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