Tuesday, July 09, 2019

3/4 rhythms - a special set

See, this is what I'm talking about: no matter how much drum stuff gets written, no matter how many thousands of pages of drum books I have in my studio, and even after having written a book on this very subject... I always need something else.

I was playing with a rumba practice loop in 2/2, doing a basic thing out of Syncopation, and began playing some variations in three-beat groupings— a basic meter-within-meter thing I/we do all the time— and it occurred to me that I could use a page of *all possible 3/4 rhythms with a note on beat 1, and no more than two notes in a row on consecutive 8th notes. It's easiest to do this one thing, at the speed I was doing it, with rhythms with those parameters. So:

At the bottom of the page there's a summary of the thing I was doing. I also marked with an * the patterns that have no more than two filler notes in a row. That's helpful when playing a rhythm on the cymbal, and filling in with the left hand. Another thing we do all the time.

* - I see I left off straight quarter notes. Oh well.

Get the pdf

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