Monday, May 27, 2019

Tresillo rhythms - EZ rock orchestrations

UPDATE: pdf link works now. I'm doing too many things this week. I've been running some students through this, and it sounds good. A more accessible version of my funk control series.

Some basic rock orchestrations for the tresillo inversions I posted recently. It's normal to practice these without writing them out, so learn the idea, and as soon as you can, apply it while you read the straight rhythm from the original page. But when first learning the system, it goes faster for some students to see it written. See my Reed funk drill, rock drill, and Funk Control posts for explanation of the basic concepts— and for the next level of stuff to do with these ideas. Or, hell, just email me for a Skype lesson.

This is all closely related to things we've covered many times before, but I'm trying to hone in on a non-technical funk drumming method based on these rhythms, and the 3:2 polyrhythm.

Some of the things happening are: fast 4 feel, 2 feel, 2 feel with added ghost notes on the snare drum, 4 or 2 feel with bass drum added on 1 (if not already present), practice rhythm played on cymbal and bass drum, with snare drum filling in— alternating sticking, and RH-cym/LH-snare. The ghost notes are usually added on the 1 or 4, by playing a RL. I'm calling them ghost notes, but you don't have to play them extremely quietly.

Memorize all of those ways of interpreting and modifying a simple written rhythm— know them well enough to start thinking of them as obvious things to do.

Get the pdf


bananajou said...

Looks great but the PDF link is not working!

Todd Bishop said...

Thanks for noticing-- the link works now.