Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Practice loop: Attica Blues

This will put some intensity in your playing: a practice loop sampled from Attica Blues by Archie Shepp.

For that I also recommend my loops of Sivad, The Free Design, and Magdalena.

By the way: One nice feature of YouTube's royalties system (maybe the only one?) is that with all of these quasi-legal uses of other people's music, the copyright holders still get paid. One of my brother's groups, the Seattle piano trio New Stories, has had an mp3 of theirs included with every copy of the Windows OS since 1999. So it's convenient for people to grab and use when they make their cat videos for YouTube, or whatever. But since the file is imprinted, they get paid when any part of it is used. They've made several tens of thousands of dollars that way.

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