Sunday, March 31, 2019

Three Camps in paradiddle-diddles

For such a simple piece, Three Camps sure is a notation headache. There's next to nothing happening in it, but it takes a whole lot of ink to write it out, and it never looks very good.

Here it is with sixtuplet paradiddle-diddles as the main thing. There are three things in it: 1. accented paradiddle-diddles, 2. unaccented paradiddle-diddles, 3. a single paradiddle ending in a left hand accent. And 4. an ending— I've adapted the traditional ending, rather than the long fp roll I usually do.

Play it many times as written, and with the stickings reversed, starting with the left hand. Don't be confused by the abbreviated notation I've used— those are just more accented paradiddle-diddles in a sixtuplet rhythm.

Get the pdf

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