Saturday, March 30, 2019

June Germany dates

CYMBALISTIC NEWS: We will be bringing Cymbal & Gong brand cymbals to Germany again in June!

Dates are June 4-12, 2019, and we will come to Berlin, Dresden, and Munich. The purpose of the tour is to to meet fans of this site, to deliver pre-ordered cymbals, and to let people play and buy them— though we don't expect to be carrying many unreserved cymbals. We will also be visiting the Cymbal & Gong smiths in Istanbul.

Here is the rough schedule— days and times still to be determined:

Berlin - June 6-7 | private studio in Mitte

Dresden - June 8-9 | Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber

Munich - June 10-11 | Latin Groove School

If you haven't visited the Cymbalistic site recently, we have a bunch of great new cymbals in stock, with more coming in May. Hit that link and get on our email list for tour updates, and to hear about new cymbals when we get them.

If you like the cymbals and you're not in Germany, never fear, we do ship worldwide.

Cymbal & Gong
is a company from Portland, Oregon, selling small quantities of some of the world's finest traditional handcrafted cymbals, made in Turkey. The true 50s sound.

Cymbalistic is the cymbal-dealing arm of the CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! site, run by me, Todd Bishop.

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