Thursday, March 07, 2019

CYMBALISTIC: new videos are UP

Cymbalistic news: I have posted videos for the latest batch of new Cymbal & Gong cymbals on the Cymbalistic site.

We've added:

• 22" Holy Grail Jazz Ride
• Two 20″ Holy Grail Jazz Rides
• Two 20″ Mersey Beat Crash-Rides
• 19″ Holy Grail Jazz Ride
• Two 18″ Holy Grail Crash-Rides
• 18″ Mersey Beat Crash-Ride
• 18″ Leon Collection Crash
• Two 18″ Custom unlathed “Krut” Rides
• 14″ BARGAIN light hihats – light

Videos for three more very cool cymbals are coming— there are pre-holds on all of these, but they may become available if the reservees pass on them:

• 14" Holy Grail hihats - light-medium
• 20" American Artist special medium ride - ECM-like! Will add rivets for a Billy Higgins-type sound
• 20" Leon Collection crash-ride or light ride with patina

You can also check out the selection video for more options— you may still be able to get some of those if you act fast. Send me an email with your best description of the cymbal: time in the video, and where it is in the lineup of cymbals played— left, right, or middle.

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