Monday, January 14, 2019

Tyshawn Sorey linear lick

I did something I don't usually do— transcribe a lick for a stranger on the internet with no context and no information about the player or music. I have no idea where the person got it, but the player is Tyshawn Sorey, and the thing turned out to be an interesting way of ending a linear fusion lick. Sorey is a very arty, avant-garde player, and this may be crassest possible thing we can get from his playing, but whatever. We each have to figure out the cosmic aspects of music for ourselves. Here I'm just looking for cool ways to get to 1.

We've done a lot on this site with fusion-style linear fills, so it should be easy to see how this relates— it's just a handy way of ending a fill with an alternating sticking, with the right hand hitting on 4, and a bass drum before the 1. It's the type of thing that should be easy to work with.

You could play the patterns repeating, or play them one time, ending on 1 with a cymbal and bass drum, or with another drum hit. Always play it all the way to 1. Start by learning the last beat of the lick. At faster tempos, the last beat of the fill may even out, trending towards a septuplet rhythm. 

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